White Signature

White Signature 2015

Every year our wine maker commits to you to blend the best of the best from barrels and vats to produce his own personal signature of great Israeli white wine.



On the series
WHITE SIGNATURE - Limited numbered edition of extraordinary white wines, each year selected by our winemaker.
Vaniards and Vintages
VINEYARD: Givat Yeshayahu
SOIL TYPE: Terra Rossa, Limestone
VINEYARD AGE: 17 years
YIELD PER DUNAM: 650-850kg
HAND PICKED: 08/2015
White making
Pure Chardonnay, 8 months followed by 7 months ageing in old wood
SG: 0.990
TA: 5 gr/l
PH: 3.43
ALCOHOL: 13.4%