White Concepts

Chardonnay 2016

An impressionable, invigorating wine. The grapes are harvested at their optimal ripeness and gently pressed to extract the juice. Then they are fermented in stainless steel vats. This process creates a noble, complex and flavorful Chardonnay that gradually reveals itself.


On the series
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Vaniards and Vintages
VINEYARD: Givat Yeshayahu
SOIL TYPE: terra rossa, limestone
VINEYARD AGE: 18 years
YIELD PER DUNAM: 600 - 800 kg
HAND PICKED: 07/2016
White making
A combination of cold fermentations with a focus on the extract of fruit in the stainless steel tanks. Fine attention to the sediments. 35% French Oak wood, 65% steel tanks
SG: 0.990
TA: 5.2 gr/l
pH: 3.57
Alcohol: 13.5%