White Concepts

First Page 2012

A full-bodied, rich wine with a special variety of aromas. Each varietal at the base of this unique blend is individually and meticulously aged to preserve its original character. Meet the winery’s first blend: a tight, aromatic wine with diverse shades of white.


About the Series
WHITE CONCEPTS - Premier collection of varietal, blends and sparkling white wines.
Vineyards and Vintage
VINEYARDS: Givat Yeshayahu, Judean Mountains, Ayalon Valley
SOIL TYPE: Terra Rossa, clay, and limestone
VINEYARD AGE: 5-12 years
YIELD PER DUNAM: 700–900 kg
HAND PICKED: 7-8/2012
White Making
Shades of white - three varieties aged separately and then combined to create rich and harmonious blend. Use of stainless steel and French oak barrels. They varieties - Pinot Gris, Semillon and Riesling.
Wine Analysis
SG: 0.990
TZ: 5.9gr/l
pH: 3.45
ALCOHOL: 12.5%