Our Philosophy

Expertise begins
with focus

We decided to concentrate solely on white wines.
We chose the beautiful Judean Hills as the place to plant our vineyards, to build a winery, and to call our home.

Like a magnifying glass, our focus on whites allows us to zoom in on the fine details and discern the slightest of subtleties.

Precision is a key to creating fine white wines. Our work is natural and transparent, every little nuance makes an impact.

White wine making
is all about balance

We follow a detailed work methodology, but at the same time we pay close attention to our vineyard, keeping our senses alert and deciding when to take a step back to allow nature to take the lead.

We believe in a clear and minimalistic approach that brings out the fruits’ true essence, while ensuring wines that are layered with rich and complex flavours.

We continue to search and evolve, using innovative technologies and unique growing techniques. Even so, our feet remain rooted and our pace is measured in order to maintain uncompromising excellence in our work.

This is SPHERA

A clear, full circle that moves in harmony.
It’s our philosophy for both making wine and living our lives.